Green Heart Project

The crew standing on the coconut compost pile at Green Heart Project


Yoga helping bring us together at Wildcat Creek Educational Center

Wildcat Creek Educational Center

Permaculturists creating a turtle shape out of rock to plant a garden in at Wildcat Creek

Infinite Learning

Learning no matter what age


United we are stronger

Garden of Eden

Quinn carrying food to gift to the homeless at the Garden of Eden while QiQi cheers him on

Love for the Homeless

Daniela shares her love & knowledge with everyone, regardless of their social status

Splitting Wood

The community gets a work out and fire wood for the winter

Humboldt Gold Farm

Frankey, Lucca, Isabella, and Daniela playing in a tree house at Humboldt Gold Farm

Garden of Eden

Family photo at the Garden of Eden

Hemp Party

Daniela's dinner party to educate the SoFlo community about the medicinal uses of hemp

Tree Frogs

Some of the most peaceful residents at Green Heart Project