Community Garden

Action at the Garden of Eden

Urban Home Garden

Daniela Megalove planting organic food in a family's urban home garden

Homegrown Banana

Organic bananas growing at Green Heart Project

Urban Food

Food can be grown anywhere on Earth

Basil & Amaranth Sprouts

Organic basil and amaranth sprouts at Green Heart Project


Lychee thrives in the tropics of Australia

Homegrown Lettuce

Beyond organic lettuce from the Eden Garden

Homegrown Hot Peppers

Beyond organic hot peppers at the Garden of Eden

Spiral Garden

Isabella indulging in Wildcat Creek Educational Center's organic greens

Homegrown Sweet Potato

Shellie holding an organic sweet potato grown at the Garden of Eden


Quinn helping start an organic homestead in India


Zion, Daniela Megalove and Shel planting at Green Heart Project

Dragon Fruit Flower

A blooming dragon fruit flower in an organic urban garden


Homegrown organic sprouts and neighborhood cocos at Green Heart Project