Snacking on organic sprouts from Green Heart Project

Wild Harvested Green Juice

Fresh wild harvested Jamaican Calilou and Spanish Nettle from Green Heart Project ready for juicing

QiQi Grating Carrots

Get in tune with your medicine

Coco Sprouts & Local Banana

Returning from a wild coconut sprout and banana harvest

Raw Food

Flax, chia and sumac raw cracker topped with raw pesto, harissa sauce, basil, and edible wildflower from the Eden Garden

Goji Berry

Goji Berry Water with Essence of Honey Dew

Local Wild Harvest

Zion's homegrown banana and a wild harvested, local avocado at Green Heart Project

Star Fruit & Sweet Potato

Daniela Megalove's sweet potato, star fruit and cinnamon dish


Local Thai durion fruit medicine

Harvesting Local Avocado

Apollo helping Isabella harvest an avocado from Plantation Heritage Park

Homegrown Organic

Organic and homegrown with love

Drying CBD

Organically grown cannabis from Humboldt Gold Farm

Raw Ice Cream

Raw cashew mango banana ice cream with raspberry purée and sweet mint


Reishi mushroom is used for cancer, aging, boosting the immune system to prevent or treat infections, and for many other reasons

Peach Harvest

Shellie and Quinn enjoying their organic peach harvest

Wild Medicine

Drinking coconut water with a wild view feels even more medicinal

Food over the Fire

Slow cooking food over an outdoor fire can help retain and add nutrition

Coconut Sprout

Inside of the delicious coconut sprout medicine

Local Wild Harvest

Local and wild avocados and coconuts at Green Heart Project

Homegrown Garlic

Frankey Danky's homegrown garlic harvest at Wildcat Creek Educational Center

Wild Harvested Coconut Water

Frankey Danky processing his wild coconut harvest into fresh coconut water for the community in Panama

Homegrown Fall Harvest

The Garden of Eden's homegrown gourds, melons, pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers

Homegrown Basil

Quinn laying in his abundance of homegrown basil at the Garden of Eden


Frankey Danky indulging in sacred cannabis and tobacco medicine

Homegrown Greens

Shellie indulging in her homegrown greens at the Garden of Eden